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Flavourly is a technology-enabled, direct to consumer, e-commerce retailer offering UK consumers convenient and affordable access to a wide range of quality, craft and premium alcoholic drinks.

MiAlgae is a young company which uses nutrient-rich wastewater to produce microalgal products for the livestock feed industry, particularly the aquaculture sector. These microalgal products are high in omegas and protein which could reduce the reliance on fishmeal, of which supply is rapidly decreasing. MiAlgae offers a more sustainable and cheaper alternative to this problem.


Interpac LogoInterpac has developed and built an innovative machine to make corrugated cardboard without using steam, vital in the delivery and protection of goods. The cutting-edge corrugator is 90% more effective and a fraction of the cost of its predecessor. Interpac will then sell this corrugator to both box makers and end users.

Earthbound Games Logo
Earthbound Games is an independent developer of video games, seeking to revolutionise the digital sports arena. Their breakthrough game, Weaponized, will by fully launched by January 2019 and will enter the Esports market. With the rise gaming influencers, Esports is set to become an interactive sport with spectators participating in which Earthbound Games will be a key player.

eBar Logo
EBar seeks to solve the problem of long queues for drinks at events. From Aberdeen, EBar offers a solution: a self-service drinks dispenser which can serve perfect pints or soft drinks. This innovation reduces staffing costs and wait time, these dispensers can serve consumers 3 times faster than traditional bars.

FreeFlow TechnologiesFreeFlow Technologies has developed a ground-breaking E-Bike system which is the world’s most efficient system in terms of power to weight. The E-Bike market has grown exponentially and FFT is at the forefront of the technology, outperforming the competition. FFT will sell their technology to established bike brands as well as potentially developing their own E-Bikes in the future.


Mallzee LogoMallzee is changing how retailers make merchandising and buying decisions. Using data generated from the Mallzee shopping app, the UKs largest multi-retailer shopping app, they’ve created the UKs largest dataset of customer preferences around fashion products. This information is now used to predict future success of products through their Product Future offering. This approach helps them increase gross margin by between 3 and 6% on new products brought to market. In a highly competitive retail market this is the difference between success and failure for many companies.

Bellfield Brewery LogoBellfield Brewery is the first craft brewery in the UK focused on gluten-free beer. Established by two coeliac friends, Bellfield is a new, family business dedicated to developing a varied range of drinks including lagers, ales, porters and stouts with in-house recipes.

 Helping broadcasters and publishers find and obtain the digital rights, to real-time Instagram user generated content.

Enterobiotix Logo      Modulating the human microbiome to address unmet clinical need.  Enterobiotix is patient centred biotechnology focused on using bacterial communities derived from the human gastrointestinal tract to prevent and treat disease.

Lending Crowd Logo     LendingCrowd is Scotland's leading peer to peer lending platform that matches small businesses seaking loans with investors looking for investment opportunities.

Pick Protection Logo     The company has launched Personal Guardian product, a discreet wearable monitored alarm that wil initially be a B2B product for companies with lone workers to ensure they meet their duty of care legal requirements.

Synaptec Logo     Synaptec's patented instrumentation technologies reduce power transmission costs, for their corporate partners, through reducing outages, preventing circuit damage and minimizing civil works.

DSA Logo      A new development studio that aims to revolutionise the way people play games by creating innovative, multiplayer sports titles for modern digital platforms.

Shot Scope Logo      Shot Scope's patent-pending technology provides unparalleled insights into your golf game. Made possible by leading-edge analysis tools, Shot Scope opens up a world of statistics previously only available to the very top professional golfers.

Alphabet Babies Logo      The company have created language, literacy and communication programmes for nurseries, early years centres, and child-enrichment centres. The programmes have been written by experts and each one covers two years of learning. They are great fun and use puppets, games, songs, drama and books.

Vert Rotors Logo      Vert Rotors have developed a new type of compact conical rotary compressor (CRC) with ultra-low noise and low vibration. CRC is designed to replace small pistons in transport, aerospace, robotic and medical applications. The company produces machines for small satellites and cooperates with the world leading producers of mobile compressors.

The company's innovation is based on proprietary mathematicla algorihm and a 3D CAD software that generates conical rotors.

Sunamp Logo     Sunamp Heat Batteries are high efficient, cost effective, non toxic energy stores. The technology is applicable from home appliances to cars; homes to hotels; farms to factories. The Batteries are the best, most compact time-shifting storage for lowest cost. Linking to the smart-grid, provides a perfect demand-side response to an intermittent grid.

Spoonfed Logo     Spoonfed provides “Drop and Go” caterers with Order Management software. It’s comprehensive, end-to-end functionality drives customers’ efficiency and service levels. Spoonfed is cloud based; written in ASP.net with an SQL database and html front end. Customers are any business providing meeting room food to offices worldwide - i.e. caterers, sandwich shops, multi-site franchises / retailers and contract caterers.

Appointedd Logo     The team at Appointedd's primary objective is to give small service businesses more time to do what they do best.

Appointedd's cloud based software empowers ambitious small businesses to turn time into money. Managing scheduling and rescheduling, CRM, automated marketing campaigns and online booking it connects businesses with customers. The software alsotakes care of yield management; customer service and a bespoke booking widget allows businesses to take online bookings wherever their customers are - on their website, Facebook page etc.

NeurcentRX Logo     NeurocentRx Pharma Ltd., is an exciting new collaborative biotech company based in Edinburgh whose major focus is in developing medicines to alleviate severe and chronic neuropathic pain experienced by cancer patients.

Operations centre on manufacture and sales within Europe, building programmes through collaboration and partnership with the intention to license and partner in the rest of the world.

Insignia Logo    Insignia Technologies Ltd is an innovative business developing a range of sensing technologies. Their products are a range of smart pigments and inks which can change colour when exposed to a variety of gases or UV light. The main focus of their initial products is in the food packaging industry, whereby the colour changing indicators warns when food is past its best by undergoing a dramatic and distinct colour change.

My1Login Logo     My1Login allows you to securely store, manage and access your passwords from any device. Their B2B cloud-based solution manages passwords across your business and reduces corporate risk by increasing password security, whilst minimizing downtime and improving productivity. For more information visit their website.

QikServe Logo      QikServe® is a vibrant, exciting, young company set to revolutionize the casual dining industry. QikServe™ was set up to help customers to manage their own ordering events from fixed point locations. This system uses a web ecommerce model together with smartphone application to enable customers in self-order type restaurants to order from the table via a smartphone App.

Safetray Logo     Safetray are a product design company committed to creating, developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative products for venues and operators who care about safety in service.

Their first product, the original Safetray, was invented by former waitress and event manager, Alison Grieve, after witnessing a spectacular accident involving a tray laden with champagne toppling over at an important function. See video. Since its invention in 2009, the Safetray has been enthusiastically welcomed by the hospitality industry, building relationships with distributors and venues around the world.

Albagia Logo     Albagaia Ltd is a British environmental technology company specialising in the environmentally-sound destruction of micro-organisms and harmful organic compounds. Albagaia holds patents for highly-innovative photocatalytic technology processes which use chemical-free, natural processes to destroy the reproductive capacity of bacteria and viruses and reduce harmful organic compounds to their harmless constituent parts. These can be used to treat waste or to provide contaminant-free water and air meeting domestic and industrial requirements. 

VFT Logo     Vascular Flow Technologies is a dynamic global medical devices company focused on the research, development and commercialisation of vascular devices based on a new understanding of blood flow dynamics – Spiral Laminar Flow™ (SLF™ technology).   Spiral Laminar Flowis a technology platform that restores the blood flow pattern through prosthetic grafts to the body’s natural state – spiral flow.









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