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July 2017

Shotscope LogoGolf Magic : Review of Shot Scope5stars

Shot Scope receives 5 Star review from Golf Magic.

If you’re a player that wants Tour-level data on your own game, Shot Scope should be top of your shopping list.

Pick Protection Logo        The Scotsman : Monday Interview: Rebecca Pick, founder of Pick Protection

Personal Alarm Entrepreneur targets Britain's army of lone workers with a tech roll-out. Her firm's devices link to a smartphone and will be monitored by Unipart Security's alarm receiving centre in Oxford, where staff can confirm whether an emergency is happening and provide police with the user's location.

     The Herald : Agenda: Rapid test for deadly bug could help save lives

A WARNING last week that a Kilmarnock hospital where a series of baby deaths is being investigated must urgently upgrade its pipework or risk Legionnaires’ disease is a stark warning of this potentially fatal illness.

Lab culture tests were the first test developed to identify and monitor the bacteria and they remain widely specified in regulations. However, lab culture tests have serious constraints, not least that the test takes 10-14 days to provide a result. It also does not detect the bug when it is in the most dangerous and active phase of its lifecycle. Clearly, there is risk that cannot be appropriately managed by lab tests alone given the two-week gap in finding a source. For these reasons rapid testing based on the detection of DNA or antigen have been developed. The simplest of these to undertake, with the most rapid results is the antigen test, a technology pioneered by Scottish environmental technology company Albagaia.

            Hamming it up? Supermarket label changes colour to help cure food waste

A major UK supermarket is launching a new “smart” label on packets of its own-brand ham in a bid to reduce waste by telling consumers how fresh it is. Ham is Sainsbury’s top-selling cooked meat product, but many buyers find it difficult to remember how long it has been open. Figures from Wrap, the government’s waste advisory body, reveal that British households throw away 1.9 million slices of ham a day – equivalent to 32,500kg – at a cost of more than £170m a year.

BRILLIANT Sainsbury's launches new heat and temperature sensitive label and change colour to tell you when food is off

EXACTLY when your food is still safe to eat has fuelled debates between, couples, roomates and colleagues for years. But Sainsbury’s might have found the solution. The retailer has just introduced a “Smart Fresh” label, which changes colour from yellow to purple, the longer a pack has been open.

Sainsbury's launch colour changing Label on ham
packets to reveal when meat is off

Jane Skelton, head of packaging at Sainsbury’s, said: “We’ve all been there; when we’ve found a pack of ham loitering on the bottom shelf of the fridge and can’t remember how long it’s been opened for. “We wanted to find a way to reduce waste of this family favourite while helping customers save money.”

Sainsbury's looks to cut waste with 'smart' labels for ham.

New time- and temperature-sensitive labels form part of its £10m Waste Less, Save More initiative

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